Who We Are

Who We Are

We are one of a network of Kids Against Hunger satellites across North America working together to eradicate world hunger. We do this by organizing volunteer groups to package a high-nutrition food formula developed by leading American food scientists.

What We Do

Volunteers work in an assembly-line fashion to packaged meals. Whether scooping ingredients into the bags, weighing, sealing or boxing, each volunteer has a job essential to the process.

Why We Do What We Do

Hunger makes people do desperate things. When parents cannot provide for their families, children are abandoned at orphanages, forced to work in horrible conditions, denied educations and worse. If we believe that a country's children are its future, then countless countries are losing their futures as children are exploited, denied educations, and denied their childhood.

By providing nutritious food to children through schools or orphanages and to families living in refugee camps, we are working against the desperation of hunger and giving children hope for their future.

food-bag-1KAH Food Package
Our revolutionary food package has been developed by some of the world's leading food scientists at Cargill, Pillsbury, General Mills and ADM. This one package provides six nutritionally-complete servings for only 25 cents per serving.

Kids Against Hunger - Central Florida

Barry & Sue Bressler Kids Against Hunger - Central Florida is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity.   
Kids Against Hunger - Central Florida
P O Box 6533
Deltona, FL 32728
407-687-0506 (B) or 814-494-1938 (S)
Email:  kahcfl@gmail.com